Read the following posts for the details about Windham Professionals Inc. collecting agency.Feel free to report the ordeals you underwent at the behest of the harassment by the Windham Professionals Inc. and let other victims share and learn from you.

Address: 380 Main Street, Salem, NH, 03079

Contact Information: 800 208 5076, 800 230 6074


30. August 2009, 15:17

They keep calling me at work.


9. October 2009, 11:36

I have only been dealing with his so called collection agency for a couple of months...but it's been a nightmare. The first time they called me at work the lady was semi nice. I told them I have no clue who you are and to please send me some information on the debt and I would get back with them (This was a Friday). On Monday I got a call from at work and it was the same company different person. I explained everything to him, he said they dont do that and that is why so and so is no longer in that department. I said well I would feel better about paying a company that I know more about so I want something in writing stating that I owe this money and how much my payments will be a month. Not even 5 minutes later I get a call from Cheryl a supervisor and she says oh, well I'm glad you answered the phone because I was calling to verify employment for wage garnishment. My boss was standing right by me and I could not have that kind of conversation at work. I asked politely if I could call her back. I called back after taking a break from work and was livid that they were already talking wage garnishment when I requested information from the debt collector and the company collecting the debt. They are quick to jump on the garnishment train. One lady told me "Ma'am if you would have taken care of your business we wouldnt be having this conversation". Oh, and since I worked for a law firm I should know that the government doesnt have to take you to court to garnish your wages. Rude disrespectful people work there that have no class. Oh, and to all the people that want to comment that actually work for Windham...don't be hating on the people that actually went to school to better themselves so they didnt have to be stuck working for a collection agency making minimum wage.
(Sorry for all the typos and grammar..I'm a little pissed off at the moment).


25. October 2009, 08:51

i agree with you they are very unprofessional and rude I had a simular experience.


7. November 2009, 15:54

Unfortunately I know exactly what these other clients are speaking of regarding Windham Professionals harrassing. They were harrassing me over a student loan that had been in default. They explained to me that they had reviewed my student debts and that I was eligible for a hardship program that would send me back to forbearance.

I was like cool.....three days later I get a call from a different agent in the company (who was probably pissed to find that I could be enrolled in the program; sabatoging her glorious commission money she felt she could make off of me.) She explained to me that they had just found out that I wasnt eligible for the hardship program after all and that I needed to take care of these student loans.....blah blah.....they are going to garnish your wages.

I told here thats just what will have to happen because I dont have money to give to stop the garnishment from coming!!! She went back and forth with me on the phone at 8PM!!!! I was in bed and this woman was screaming over my voice on the phone!!!!

Then, the same woman, called me three more days later.......and told me that I actually am able to enroll in thehardship program!!! Those people are outrageous!!! And the thing is they never realize that the best way to assist and encourage someone is to be understanding! I work in marketing but I have never treated any clients that way!!!!

Jessica Hickman  

18. November 2009, 21:27

This is the first time I have ever heard of this company Windham Professionals. Searching them on the internet has resulted in me finding numerous complaints about their tactics.

Now here's the really strange thing in my case. I have never had a student loan in my life. I am a Canadian living in Canada. windham has phoned me three times now demanding payment of $25,000 for my "student loan". Obviously they have me confused with someone else, but the calls continue. it seems they even feel they have the power and right to harass people in other countries - even if the people they are harassing are NOT the one they are looking for.

I am about to take this to the next level since i do have an attorney in New York who represents me in business matters.

Annoyed in Canada  

21. November 2009, 03:14

I have been dealing with Windham for several months. They are rude, do not properly note the account, they are accusatory. My student loan went into default and the guarantor never contacted me. Claimed that they did but all the mail was returned. The address they gave was my previous address. They claimed I never gave them my new address, which is incorrect, because i had correspondence from them with my new address and when I called all parties involved they all had my new address. I went round and round trying to make payment arrangements that would not put me into further debt like not pay my utilities or not eat. they want 3 payments of over $300. Hard to make when all I have left after my 1st check in the month is about $200 and the next check all goes to rent and transportation pass. Then they said 4 payments of $250. I asked for 6 they agreed to 5 payments of $186. I have had to take several payroll advances in order to feed my family. The first payment did not go through and I called they said my bank said I have no money. My bank provided documentation they entered the wrong account # and security code. They called my a liar. Now the fourth payment was scheduled for January 25th. I am still waiting for my payment to come through my bank account. When I called, they claimed there was no money in my account. Which was alie. My bank would pay even if I had insufficient funds and then charge me the NSF charge of $40. They are the biggest liars and blamers I have ever had to deal with. I am in the process of filing claim with the better business bureau in their state.

Livid in San Francisco  

26. November 2009, 14:11

all i can say about windham professionals is that they are nasty rude and greedy and they rob from poor struggling people like myself.oh i left out predatory,i tried to work out a deal with them but they found it was not what they wanted,the so called supervisor that i spoke to was very rude and nasty,and said to me its because of people like me that her kids cant get a student loan,i doubt that i picture these people working there drive bmws and mercades and wear rolexes and sip on their starbucks coffee,while working class people like you and me struggle with the bad economy and really mad and very livid since they garnish my small paycheck and took my tax return from last year.i know i owe money but this debt goes back to 1985 when it went into default,i wish there was an agency that helps us victims of these predators.i wish windham professionals would go out of business and the people who work there have to live like the victims they have fleeced.if anyone knows how to fight this battle against this collection agency please post it and help us victims.the recession affects us but not windham professionals,and aig.

livid in orlando  

29. November 2009, 20:35



7. December 2009, 17:41

I just started dealing with these morons today and they are SO rude. I offered to make payments because I lost 2 jobs in one month and they said "NOPE, pay it in full". Oh well, they can garnish my wages that don't exist. hahaha!! THey suck!!!!!!!!!!


8. December 2009, 19:28



14. December 2009, 12:29

I dealt with Windham for years. i got behind on the last 10% owed on my student loans (went back to school in my 30s) of about $3000 and Windham called me. I made automatic payments for the $3600 they wanted. After the last payment, the money continued to come out of my account. They then said I owed $2500 - only $500 of the $3600 was credited to the principal (and getting that information took 6 months for me to get). USDE would do nothing. Not knowing any better, I paid for another 10 months of $250 each month and paid my "debt" to them off yet again. The next month, they took out two full payments. I ended up having to have my checking account closed. I wrote and called everyone I could think of.

Things quieted down for about a year then I got a statement from them saying I owed them $13,000. I was astounded. I am through paying them. I borrowed $23,000 originally and was to pay USDE almost $27,000 - a fair loan I think. I paid $24,000 to USDE, the remaining $3,000 to Windham, $600 in fees to Windham and another $3,000 to Windham for what I dont know. The agency was horrible to me and did things that were not needed. I make good money and I am fortunate in alot of ways but my credit is ruined forever. To then come back wanting another $13,000? I will live with the bad mark on my credit report - I told them I will go to my grave before I pay them another dime and I mean it. I have not heard anything else from them for about 4 years now.

Sadly, this month, they called my daughter and told her they owned a student loan of hers that neither she nor I knew about (we consolidated all her loans upon graduation and have been making payments). They have threatened her and called her work and will not stop. Her boss is angry with her and they are threatening to garnish her pay. USDE will not confirm there is another loan and no one will send us paperwork.

How many people have to be done like this before USDE stops using them? If anyone knows of an attorney anywhere in the US who is taking Windham on, would you please relay the information to me at I am interested to find legal help to, not get away with not paying any money owed, but to get open accounting (loan date, amount, interest rate, fees, principal, and balances), documentation of agreements and promises made, a schedule payment that has a definite end date, and respectful business communications between us and the agency.

I dont think anyone wants to get out of paying their debt.....some are angry that the agency is rude...some are angry that they feel like they are being stolen from...some are angry for both reasons. Giving people documentation of a bill and speaking to them without the intimidation and insults is all that is asked.

I respectfully appreciate everyone's pain but I prefer to not hear from others and their stories.... I know how bad they are. I want to stop this company from its poor business practices for my daughter so please contact me if you can actually do something about Windham. Thank you.


23. December 2009, 02:25

My daughter has a student loan from SalleMae that Windham Professionals bought. She was hit by a car and is in a coma for over a year. I am a cosigner so they have me. They started with threats and harrassments. I am scared to give any money to such a company for fear it will not close the account. Is there any legal help out there for dealing with a company. They are in direct violation of NY State code 608 on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I have rescearched that but my concern is that there seems to be no recourse in dealing with them. Has anyone had any sucess?


2. January 2010, 01:23

I would like to oppose any one who takes the time and energy to put a post on the internet to complain about collection agencies. First of all take a step back and look at why you are being called by them. Especially ppl who owe student loans. The government is generous enough to provide you with the opportunity to better yourself and ppl take the money and dont finish school or just neglect to pay back the money. Hmm, these ppl think their the victims? well if they were smart they would know that they could easily avoid these calls by PAYING THEIR BILS! Hard times are understood and collection agencies do alot to work with ppl. However,once again if they are so smart why dont they ask for a hold or deferment before the loan goes into defult? I dont feel bad one bit for ppl being "harrased" by collections agencys, its your own fault! answer the damn phone and take care of the problem!! ppl that complain are loosers that do nothing but make excuses and whine and complain! stop going after the ppl with the good paying job that call you to try to help you and take care of your responsibility!!!!


26. January 2010, 00:36

I have been receiving harrassing phone calls from "Ryan," a customer serviece rep for Windham Professionals. Our first conversation began rather casually with me explaining that my financial situation does not allow for me to pay of the $2500 balance I owe on a student loan in full. We began to set up a payment plan, and just before I approved authorization of my check, he informed me that I could only arrange two payments and that my account would be charged for the remaining balance in two weeks. Ever since then, he's been calling several times a day yelling at me about the account.

Horrified in Houston  

2. February 2010, 17:56

Oh geez, i just saw all of this after agreeing to enter a rehabilitation program with them. I am being garneshed for 250$ a month. I didnt have a job for a long time after college. Now i am trying to get the garneshment stopped so i can willingly pay them. Gave them account info... They said it will stop if i start paying willingly so lets see how this goes. Are they professional enough to stand up to their end of the bargain?


3. February 2010, 21:40

This is a third party collection company. Never make payment arrangements with a third party company unless you have verified that they were retained by the first party to handle such a collection. It appears that this company is fraudulently attempting to collect debts. Unfortunately, companies like this one will receive shared reports of unpaid debts and prey upon them as if they are the collection company. Always attempt to communicate with the original creditor first to verify this debt and then to make payment arrangements directly with them. They will confirm whether they had legitimately passed collection to a third party for handling.


6. February 2010, 01:13

Good to know, Everyone should know that these people are snakes and are very smooth with words. The minute you tell them no or that you cannot afford theyre payment options they get very aggressive on the phone. I will be cancelling my bank account and rearranging my payment options with the loan company. Windham has not stopped the garnishment nor emailed me the contract they said they would. Instead they are trying to get me to pay an additional 200$ a month (450$ total). They will lie straight to youre ear.


19. February 2010, 13:56

Windham is currently handling a dispute between me and my current night school. Their man Jason Powers was incredibly rude and unprofessional after he assumed control of a call between me and the account manager handling my case. When I challenged him to peruse a legal resolution, he became enraged, insulting and belittling. I advise everyone who deals with Windham and, specifically, Mr. Powers, to be tough and take this "come and get me" approach as it seems to completely unhinge them and forces them to reveal their true unprofessional manner.

Steven Kent  

25. April 2010, 05:32

Just started dealing with them and am already ticked off. My lawyer stated that since they were not licsend in the state of Alabama they can not conduct business in this state!!!

Pete Yingling  

26. April 2010, 00:28

Windham professionals, Inc. representatives call on my cell phone at least three times a day. The calls come from unlisted numbers. They call at all times of day and call even during the weekend. The callers called my landlord to get information about me. Even after getting the information from my landlord these callers continue to call. They have disclosed information about my debt to my landlord. There are as many as five callers whose names I have saved along with the voice mails on the voice mail box.

Unfortunately I had to file for bankruptcy due to medical reasons. I gave the same information to the callers and asked them to contact my attorney. But now they call my wife's work place and trouble her with the same debt and harass her to commit the payment on phone.

Anthony Miller  

26. April 2010, 08:04

Amy from Windham Professionals, Inc. calls on my cell number and asks for my mother's phone number. I informed Amy that my mother is sick and cannot take the call but she shouts over the phone and uses profane language. When I try to reason with her and explain that my mother is suffering from cerebral palsy, this debt collector pays little heed to my words. She only wants to talk to my mother to recover a debt of $256.00. Now I understand why people say that debt collectors and debt collection agencies are the worst you should come in contact with.

Barbara Young  

3. May 2010, 14:16

Robert from Windham Professionals, Inc. calls me repeatedly everyday since a month for multiple debts on American Express and Discover credit cards. He harasses me everyday with obscene comments and uses all tactics to make me commit for the payments over the phone. I have never agreed to any payment. Yes, I do owe the debts and I intend paying but not if someone threatens. I am working out a payment plan with my creditors and plan to come out soon with a payment schedule. I refuse to take the harassment from these callers from Windham and want to share my story here.

Donna Bakers  

3. May 2010, 19:49

I get as many as ten blank calls everyday from a toll free number (800) 828-8722. I called my phone company and they furnished the details of the owners of the number. It belongs to Windham Professionals, Inc. I do not have any debts on any credit cards. My credit record is clean and has no bad history. I fail to understand why this debt collection agency calls me and why the callers do not talk if they have something to tell me.

Paul Green  

4. May 2010, 19:48

Windham Professionals, Inc. called on my office phone and harassed me to pay up for a debt of $450.00 spent on Discover card at Wal Mart. I did not buy this story and asked them to validate my debt. The callers have not returned after I sent them a letter disputing the debt. I also sent them a cease and desist letter to stop all communication. Thanks to my attorney friend's advice to send these letters, I am free from the calls now.

Phillip Gonzalez  

12. May 2010, 21:48




25. May 2010, 04:03

Windham Professionals are crooks, plain and simple. They will move your account around from one office to another, just to confuse you.

They continue to harass me about my student loans, even after I began making my payments directly to the USDE. I 've told them on the phone that I will never give them one red cent, that I will make my payments directly to the creditor (USDE). They pissed them off.

Now they call my mother's home. I send them a fax telling them to "cease and desist" all contact with my mother. In response, they move my account to another office. Then the calls start again.

I never denied owing the money and that is why I am making my payment directly to the USDE. That way, USDE gets all the money, not the 15% that they would (supposedly) receive from Windham if I were making my payments to Windham.

A couple of years ago, they were harassing me when I lived in another state. Unfortunately, I agreed to a payment plan with them, giving them my checking account number. They were authorized to debit $150 per week. They took $150 every other day for almost 2 weeks. Needless to say, my checking account was extremely overdrawn and I'm still suffering from that action.

Whenever dealing with a collection agency, always ask for a full WRITTEN accounting of what you owe. Verify that amount with the original creditor before you give money to anyone. Try to make payment arrangements with the original creditor, more times than not, they'll be willing to work with you. That way, they collection agency is "left out in the cold." But make sure that you get receipts for every payment you make.

If Windham or any other collection agency contacts you at work, get their fax number and send them a CEASE & DESIST letter by fax, telling them that they cannot contact you at work.

Whether you dispute the debt or not, if collection agengies are harassng you, make sure you get their names and document the dates and times of the calls. Go to the FCC website and file a written complaint. Print out the confirmation from the FCC website and fax that to Windham as well. If they continue to harass you, continue to file complaints on the FCC website. File a complaint, print it out, fax it to the creditor. The website is:

Good luck.

Newport Lady

Newport Lady  

18. July 2010, 21:25



23. July 2010, 00:36

I have to agree with everyone on here. I have been dealing with this company for almost a year and I have paid on time every month for my payment arrangement until they submitted a wage garnishment to my employer. After dealing with this company trying to find out why they did this when I have bank transaction showing this paid as agreed with no payment every being returned they still garnished my check. I am still fighting this company about payment because as of today I have paid this company over $2500.00 when my student loans were only $1500.00 and a have a letter from them stating this amount. I spoke to a Ms. Khoury who is very nasty and rude ( and I have disagree with one comment about if you are rude they are rude to you) Whatever. I was never rude as they are playing with my money. I submitted a letter from my payroll showing how much has been paid through garnishment. A copy of my paystub to verify this amount was deducted with the letter from them stating how much I owe and they still will not return my call. I even contacted the NSLP and they won’t help. I am at my wits end about this.
These people on here who has to much to say about people need to learn to pay their bills so other people can go to school!!! Are you serious??? Hello it’s called a recession and trust if people could afford to pay their bills they would. People are just barely able to pay rent or buy food and you have people on here trying to Judge. Come walk a day in my shoes and see how far you get!!


26. July 2010, 00:40

It's just funny knowing that the majority of people complaining here on this blog actually know they "OWE" the money. You signed for it, man up and take care of your responsibility. The government was nice enough to extend money out to you to pay for your education and now you feel that you don't owe it.BE RESPONSIBLE AND PAY BACK WHAT YOU OWE. It's funny that minimum wage pays bills and has a lot of us living the good life but it's obvious that that 20k tuition/loan for a degree in some professional field can't even get you out of collections!


16. August 2010, 23:23

Debt collectors from Windham Professionals are calling me at least two times a day for a private student loan. I requested them that we could work out a mutually agreeable payment plan but they do not want give in writing. They threaten me with wage garnishment and legal battle which would mean a lot of expenditure to me. One particular collector calls me and says, "if you go to jail, who is the person you are going to call?" Windham collectors threaten me if I don't pay them immediately they would sue me for the debt.

Betty Adams  

19. September 2010, 05:13

Well I just started dealing with them. They actullay have been pretty good. Although calling my work while the owner was there was not a good idea. I got written up. I made my second payment the other dady. I will be calling them for monthly statements. We will see what happens. This guy William I have been speaking to seems to have no idea what it is like to go to college and not be able to find a good job. But collections sux too. ppl do get rude. So guys and fals, just be nice to them. I am in debt and I have not had a problem

Some in Boston  

25. September 2010, 18:44

My debt wasn't a student loan but a A/R account that was over 10 yrs old. Which is past he statue of limitations and over the credit reporting period but they lie about the date to hurt your credit and blackmail you into paying..I have reported them to the FTC and BBB with no results..If others will report to the FTC maybe can do something..


26. September 2010, 21:17

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! To everyone that has shared there experience. They have been at my husband now for about 3 years!! Luckly we were not able to pay at first because of lack of income, but in the past year our situation has changed and we are able to pay for the "credit repair". I wanted to look them up to see what information I could find and it was ALL BAD!!! Again THANK YOU everyone!! You have saved us from making a BIG BIG mistake!!!


9. October 2010, 05:04

Weird. I looked this up because I received a phone call out of the blue from some company named Windham Professionals regarding my student loans. I'm thinking... what the crap? Because my student loans are NOT in default. On top of that, I am back in school full time working on my Masters. I am sure I called the Department of Education and notified them, and they used the clearinghouse to contact every one of my student loan holders and put my loans in deferral until I graduate in 2014. So I'm not sure what's going on here. I had one private loan, but even that's on hold because I got it for school, and it's in deferral until 2013. I'm not sure what to think, but I will not deal with a collection agency. I'm glad I checked online. Tomorrow, I'll call the Department of Education and let them deal with this company. Then, once I get written notification from the D of Ed, then I'll just call the BBB and forward the written notice to the BBB and let the BBB deal with them.
For those who are on their high horse scolding those who owe loans, understand perfectly that when I do graduate, I have every intention of fulfilling my loan. In fact, I'm going into the health field and plan to work in a low income neighborhood for an organization that will pay off all my student loans if I give them six years of my working life. I'm glad to do it! Even if I weren't going into that program, I'd be paying if I could, and getting a hardship deferral or forebearance if possible, and as soon as my situation turned around, I'd be back to paying. So don't just judge before knowing the whole situation!

tracy shapiro  

9. October 2010, 05:51

I have found this commentary on Windham Professionals quite interesting. I googled their company name after I received a collection letter from them regarding a student loan of $940.00. It seems that we are in a bit of a situation because I have never taken a student loan in my life. As a matter of fact, I paid all four years of my undergrad tuition at a private university out of pocket as well as an additional two years of grad school at the same university. I am going to call the department of education to verify that they have the correct person, but it seems like Windham Professionals is quite a shady company. I feel sorry for all of you who are being harassed.

The following is for the fiercely loyal Windham Employee (or Sarah Palin fanatic) who is constantly commenting on this site:



And God Bless 'Merica


10. November 2010, 02:55

oh hell


10. November 2010, 03:35

Dear Windham Dumbasses:
Here's a thought tell me if it makes sense to your dumbasses....sympathy, understanding, flexibility, will make people more willing to pay than rude attitudes, alot of these people are experiencing rough times, has this company researched unemployment rates lately ? You'll see that your lucky to even get a $5.00 payment from anyone let alone a full balances. People are more concerned about where the fuck they are going to live rather than paying your stupid ass, yeah we we got a loan went to school with that loan, graduated and got a degree with that loan, and with that degree that we got with that loan we got a job with it, and started a family and bought a house, but guess what, we lost our job and havne't found another one, what should be our main concern paying you back and telling our families to live on the street or worrying about where we should live ? Get a clue dumb fucks.
listen to the person research and verify that the account is actually theirs dumb bitches....don't just assume that just because its there its valid companies make mistakes...verifying will save everyone time and headaches.
talk with respect and not attitudes not everyone is skipping out on their payments just because "oh hey, i don't feel like paying" shit happens, its called life, have sympathy and respect for human life. Regardless of who you work for and what your company trains you to do or believe, your still a human being and karma does exist, for every one person you were rude too or showed no sympathy for, karma will have something in store for your ass tenfold. lastly, kiss my ass dumb fucks.


10. November 2010, 03:50

To the people on this blog who geniunely are experiencing a hard time and aren't just trying to get over, keep your head up things will get better and don't let this company scare you with their rude ass attitudes and outlandish scare tactis,this company handles different loan types, federal and private loans, if its a federal loan your good just go through the rehabilitation program or reserach your options there are a lot of options for federal loans in default. For private loans its a fucked up situation your with me...we don't have many options, the best thing to do is to contact the original creditor and see what can be done if anyting, also verify the loan and make sure it was sent these assholes. Next set up a payment arrangement online or by mail I suggest doing it by mail, so they won't have access to any your banking information. Send payments to them and a written statement sayint this is what you can pay on the balance and just keep paying by mail, even if they call or threaten you saying they gonna garnish you keep paying what you can afford, keep record of what you are paying and proof that it was paid, if they do decide to garnish you go to court and submit your proof of payments and the judge will more than likely rule in your favor and agree to your payment terms, it may change slightly but they garnishment will cease. don't let them scare you, just pay it and tell them to kiss your white, black, asian, or hispanic ASS. Private student loans cannot attach federal and state income tax refunds or prevent the renewal of state licenses, but they can sue under state loan to garnishee wages to repay a defaulted debt. That is the worse that can happen and you go to the hearing and fight the case this won't be so bad. They cannot garnish more than 35% of your wages maybe even less depending on your individual case. Garnishments are bad and can mess up your credit and you do want to avoid them but sometimes you can't in life, things happen. Your not the only one. Don't let interest rates scare you because the courts can limit that as well, ive been through this all before. I don't have no secret answer sorry. but don't talk to them, sometimes their nice but more than often they will be rude and a headache to deal with. mail or fax everything and keep records in case you do have to go to court.


15. November 2010, 08:15

My little $1000.00 Social Security Disability Check was garnished for almost $200.00 for student loans. So, I inquired as to what to do. I was told to get a discharge application and have my Doctor to fill it out and file it with the Department of Education. My Doctor stated all of my ailments and stated severe.
They have denied the application because they said that they called my Doctor for him to define severe and that he was uncoperitive to this stupid question after he had outlined a perminant trache, Diabetic Neropathy, High Blood Pressure, Lower Limb Adema, Heart Mumer, and Pace Maker, and severe depression. Not to mention that I am currently in an Assisted Living Ficility with almost half of my food amputated.
This Company is something else. I really hope that these people can sleep at night. I am not going to give up fighting these people, even if it kills me!


16. November 2010, 05:28

On Dec. 17 at 8:11 am in the morning I recieved a harassing call from Windham Professionals which is a collection agency. The representative there asked to apeak with a Jason, in which I then reply with an apology that there is no one by that name. He then stated that I was lying he just spoke with Jason yesterday and that he needed to speak to him with a rude and threaten tone and demeanor. I then insisted that he had the wrong number and the threats escaletd. I then got irate and threaten to file a police report for harassment and hung up.
Again, on Jan 3, 2011 at 6:49 pm in the evening I recieved another phone call from the same representative who this time my husband had inform him that he had the wrong number and it again escalted.
This representative and the company that he works for will not remove me from their calling list and refuses to do so. I found some infromation with the contact number that had shown up on my caller i.d. and it seems that I am not the only one being harrassed. I also found some information online about windham professionals that I do no like.
But, in my case Windham Professionals does not have any debt in my name and yet they still call to harrass me. If there is anything that can be done on your end to stop te harrassing phone calls for a Jason please help. I there is nothing that you can do I am sure that I will file a law suit possibly a class action lawsuit against Windham Pofessionals if neccessary.


18. November 2010, 11:37

Thank you Megan for saying exactly what I was thinking!
I wish each and everyone of you folks experiencing a hardship, only to be made worse by these creatons,a happy and prosperous new year.

Paid In Full....FOOL!  

13. December 2010, 19:20

Ok lets not blame all the fault on these unprofessionals because the us government has all the fault in the first place for hiring these unprofessionals, secondly they are just doing what they were hired for. I just called them a few seconds ago about a student loan thats in default and that supposedly they are gonna start garnishing my wages i am head of household making $8.88/hr. with a 2.5 year old daughter and besides being the only one in the house working earning minimum wage they will start taking 15% out of my $710 before taxes paycheck biweekly, so now after taxes my paycheck should come out to approx. $530 just a little bit less than my rent which is $570/mo. Right now i just feel like living in a third world country living day by day because with my second paycheck i can barely afford to pay $50 auto insurance, $90 gas and electric, $120/mo for car fuel i cant even afford to pay a phone for they are @$35-$40/mo. and lets not firget about the most important food for my daughter me and my wife about...? $120/week thats @$480/mo. and i cant sacrifice one for the other because they are all essencial. I cannot stop paying auto insurance because if i get pulled over the "goverment" the person who makes things supposedly legal for our own well being so we are safe etc. has enforced to fine us if we cannot prove we are insured well get our vehicles towed and still pay a fine and if we want our cars back we still have to provide proof on insurance and which costs about $90 to start plus your first month which is not less than $53/mo, i just got my license plates renewd for a 1991 vehicle a 20 year old vehicle i had to pay &77 bucks. I dont know how im doing it its definitely not the gov whose helping me so its gotta be the Lord up there because He sincerely cares. And to top it up not only i will get my wages witheld they will again intercept my income taxes they dont give a damn about you and/or your family all they care about is to have sufficient funds for when payday comes for them they dont want to miss a peny out of their paychecks they are very smart people of course they have decades of the "best education" from the "best" and most expensive universities they definitely have to know what theyre doing and how to manage society to pursue happyness. Rightnow i dont give a fuk about gramnar whoever can understand it its fine with me. I am so pissed i cant afford to give my baby girl a present for her birthday because the "gov" the person who follows every single law from head to toe, has began garnishing my wages and intercept my all my income tax refund, but of course its a "federal" debt so he has the right to do it but other companies cant do the same and you cant even take them to court because its "federal" meaning theyre protected by themselves meaning they can do whatever they want without nobodys consent not even yours but other companies... mmm! yes they can be taken to court well work for your rights because in this only cases you do have rights and we will protect them. I live in a third world country, i live depressed because i never have money to go out with my family, and im only 28... I could write more but i have to go back to work to earn money to support myself, my wife, my daughter, and the "gov"...


13. December 2010, 22:11

I just got a letter from Windham Professionals today stating that I owe 3095$ on a student loan account. When trying to talk to the guy on the phone, he constantly kept asking me if I had a lawyer. Then told me that I 'had to agree' with what he was saying for us to proceed further with handling the matter at hand. When I told him I wanted to know what all of my options were, he told me that I 'had to agree' before we could proceed with the matter at hand. I told him that will use my right to plead the fifth, but I want to know what my options are BEFORE I agree to any terms of collection. He promotly responded with, "I will mark this as a automatic refusal," and hung up on me.

Seriously? I am one of the nicest people to talk to if you are a collector. I have done nothing but work to pay off my debt. I have ALWAYS done what I needed to. All of my credit is now getting cleaned up. Past due bills, late payments and the likes are being removed off of my record. Now I have to deal with these guys? /sigh... I'm getting a lawyer.


20. December 2010, 16:47

"Selina" called from Windham Professionals for my son. I told her he is no longer here, and can I take a message. She stated that that information can not be released to me. So I asked her to please stop calling - she said to me NO BIG BOY. I am a 76 year old man suffering from cancer I do not need these unprofessional people calling my home...


22. December 2010, 22:12

First of all they where rude as heck to me as well. Sallie Mae never told me that my student loans where being bought by anyone. I am curious if they are required by law to at least contact the guaranteers and inform them of this step? Any warning? They had my aunt and moms contact info and my current email, which they had sent and received emails from. It took me years to pay off just the amount they are trying to add on in collection fees. Should I just hire a lawyer to deal with this? I am a 1099 employee does that help or hurt me in any way?
Thanks offtheradar


24. December 2010, 17:15

This collection agency is a poor excuse for a company they sent me notice of garnishment of 10% I sent in all the paper work they asked for didn't cheat at all on my expenses and they came back and garnished me for 15% which I struggled thru for a year and half, I have been homeless since the second month of garnishment cause I couldn't pay rent and these people. I am so glad to know the goverment will survive now cause they got my 2500.00 loan back that I had to pay over 5000.00 for when I was 17 and my mom got the money not me. Maybe now they can bail out another big company. I mean after all they only had 22 years of tax returns they could have taken instead of waiting all this time to garnish my check then after I pay off the full amount they said I owe now they come back and get more money calling it intrest. I think there practice is illegal and I plan on finding out what I can do about it

Laura Cronin  

29. December 2010, 07:19

My tax return was garnished for 2009 for a student loan that had defaulted (my fault, I didn't check on the balance). I spoke with an individual at Windham Professionals who stated that by making 9 payments on my account, my account would come out of default and that I would not get my 2010 tax return garnished. Like a sucker, I believed him. I made my 9 payments (as scheduled, none late or missed, last one made in January), and just got the letter in today that they garnished my tax return yet again. Upon calling Windham Professionals, I was told that the individual I spoke with has been doing this for 2 years and should not have told me that because they were going to garnish my tax return on top of my payments. I know if I ran a business like this where I am from, either I would be in the hospital or I would be out of business quick, fast, and in a hurry. I took money out of paying my house and my utility payments because of this, just to find out that on top of my continued payments every month that my tax return will continue to be garnished. I will be filing an official complaint tomorrow against this company with the IRS, US Department of Education, and whomever else will listen to my case. I plead that anyone who reads this message - please do not believe these individuals under ANY circumstances.

Donald Wright  

30. December 2010, 07:57

I got a call from my mom about a month ago saying "Please call these people and tell them to stop calling us"! So I did just that and set up payment arrangements with them. Then this morning I get another call from my mom saying these people called again and lied to me saying that when you talked to them last you had called from our phone. I haven't lived with them for almost 7 yrs let alone used their phone! So again I called and asked why they had blatantly lied to my mom to which the response was "I don't know what you're talking about". I said Bull Shit I know you called them and lied to them and his response this time was "Your mom is a liar"!! Really don't fucking call my mom a liar, why would she lie about that?! So I then told them I will not tolerate them harassing my parents and that they have no right calling them when I have made payment arrangements and they have MY phone number!!! So he started yelling back at me. When I got off the phone I was inspired to call a consolidation company and will do that b/c they were very nice to me and I don't want to deal with these Windham fucks!!

Natalie Vidal  

9. January 2011, 18:22

i had been recieving calls at work from these guys, i never spoke with them but theynwere told by other staff workers to stop calling and continue to call me at work. They then started telling my co workers that they were going to suspend my license (threat and discussing my personal matter with co workers), and pretended several times to be from the federal government and as well as the state goverment. I keep records of all their calls i got written testimony from people they spoke to regarding my account, recorded some of their messages and got me a lawyer. two weeks after gerting a lawyer they replied they want to settle with me to avoid trial for violating collectionlaws, they can no continue collections, reverse all reports on my credit score, and paid me 1000 for damages and 2000 plus for attorney fees. These guys lie to collect and tried to garnish my wages, luckly i kept good records of their illegal activity and got a lawyer. if these clowns are harrasing you, keep good records if they contacted others about your situation have those people save recordings or write a letter on what tney discussed. main thing ia keep ur cool, and let them talk and mess jp, dont say more than what you need to. I only spoke with them once and that was after i save all my records and got the attorney and that was to let them know thatntheynahve already been told not to call, asked to stop and hung up, i recorded this as well witg pocket recorder. i never discussed anything else like my address etc. These guys are bad.

m c  

15. January 2011, 20:04

What attorney did you use m c

jay daniels  

16. January 2011, 22:34

My future MIL and FIL will get at 1-2 recorded calls from them a day for their ex-DIL. They have called the 888 number given stated she doesn't live there. They have gone as far as leaving her phone number. THEY KEEP CALLING!!!!

I managed to get a live person buy calling the number they give to reach the person handling the account. Before I could get to say that the 888 number is not stopping the call as they promised, I am transferred right back to that number. Now they will not answer when I call that number again.

These lovely people have NOTHING to do with the debt. This company has no right to harass them. I am ready to help them take some legal steps to stop this!

Don't get me angry  

22. January 2011, 05:59

I just found out that my 2010 tax return was garnished by windham. I didn't receive a notice in the mail says they were taking it for student loans. I am a single mom of 3 kids and needed that to be able to buy a good used car and to catch up on bills. Mrs Sharon Pratt the head honcho I spoke w/ asked if I could put $1700 down and make $500 dollars a month payments. Um no I can't, then she dropped it to $750 and $400 a month payments. Can't do that either, my rent is. $550 She then went to $250 down & $197 a month, that I might be able to do. I had to give her my banking debit card info and they will take the $250 out on March 25. I am alittle worried about this after reading all of the comments. Are they a scam?


1. March 2011, 13:41


The Student loans that sent you to college. Educated people should understand the IRS does not give your refunds to random collection agencies, they offset refunds to repay YOUR DEBT. Why should you get money back from them that you owe them. HELLO.

Do some research, use websites that are setup by the govt. ie. or just pull out that Promisory Note YOU SIGNED.

I'm sure you'll be able to educate yourself in garnishments, taxes offset, and collections.

And maybe you could OPEN YOUR MAIL, and call the collection agency before they can contact your relatives or friends.


3. March 2011, 04:01

Since I knew I had defaulted on my student loans, I knew that more than likely a lien had been placed on my Federal Refund. You can look up the Treasury Offset Number and call BEFORE filing your taxes.
As a single parent, I have unfortunately had to deal with a variety of collections agencies. However, Windham Professionals was not all that bad. When I set up payments to get my loan out of default, I had to speak with 2 different people to make sure I UNDERSTOOD all the details. I was told that after 4 payments the lien on my federal refund will be released. That will be after my May payment is made.
Lastly, I appreciated that everyone I spoke to at Windham spoke English with out a foreign accent.



7. March 2011, 10:29

I have been getting at least five calls per day since five months from unidentified numbers that display "restricted" and "unavailable" on my telephone display screen. I informed the debt collector who called me that I was unemployed and would not be able to pay for the next two years. I requested them to stop calling me but they still call me. Sometimes the calls go without voice mail messages or the caller just hangs up. Recently I found out that these debt collectors belonged to an agency called Windham Professionals. So much for calling themselves rpofessionals when they do not have basic telephone manners.

Patricia Marks  

7. March 2011, 19:23

my fiancee has a student loan of 15,000 he took one semester at an art school quit and then the school closed down GREAT SCHOOL RIGHT!? he worked at best buy making 12 dollars an hour for four hours three times a week and paid rent and insurance some how and clearly could not afford to pay back his loans we moved to colorado and his loan went into default thats when i got a call from the devil herself renee she told me that sean was in breach of contract and had to pay 2,500 by friday and again for the next 3 month and then the payments would drop to 150 a month WE ARE BELOW POVERTY LEVEL i can hardly pay rent i said then she said 1,200 for 5 months again NO then she asked me if there was anything in my house i can sell becuase if i cant pay they will take me to court and garnish my wages finally we settled on 500 a month for 7 months after that 150 a month i set up automatic payment through my account for the 25th of every month i asked if i could please be sent paper work as proof of our deal she said NO WE WILL NOT SEND YOU ANY KIND OF PAPER WORK OTHER THAT THE REMINDER THAT THE AMOUNT WILL BE TAKEN OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT i asked if it would at least tally my balance she said again NO WE WILL NOT EVER SEND YOU ANY KIND OF DOCUMENTATION OTHER THAN THE REMINDER THAT THE AMOUNT IS BEING TAKEN OUT i asked how am i supposed to know where the money is going, what its going towards, and how do i know my balance is even going down how do i know when im done paying she continued shamelessly to tell me and sean that we were irresponsible and we needed to prioritize our lives UM EXCUSE ME!!!???? IM 22 YEARS OLD! MY PRIORITIES INCLUDE A PLACE TO LIVE AND FOOD ON MY TABLE I VERY UN POLITELY AFTER HOURS OF SOFT SPOKEN TONE ON MY PART TOLD HER TO FUCK OFF AND CANCEL THE DEAL! i closed my account completely over my dead body will she make a commission off my ruins im meeting with my lawyer next week BITE ME!


listen up !  

7. March 2011, 19:27

some people on here just aren't understanding I WANT TO PAY OFF MY LOANS i just want the paper work some kind of receipt anything! if i have to go to court to get the documentation FINE i have money i just dont give it away for free is all .

listen up !  

7. March 2011, 20:48

CALL 1 866 921 7728 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COLLAGE SOLUTIONS! they got my loans out of default and i got all my rights back 3 years deference and 3 years forbearance !

they are saving my life .

listen up !  

12. March 2011, 01:35

Maria from Windham professional calls me everyday, not sparing Saturdays and Sundays and claims that I owe them a debt of $6785. I have no debt to repay as I am very sparing with my credit card usage and have never defaulted on payment. When I told her the same, she started shouting at me and abused me as “traitor” and “defaulter” who does not want to pay the money he used. A debt collection agency that calls itself professional is the most unprofessional that I have ever come across.

Ronald Taylor  

10. April 2011, 13:20

A message was left on my brother's cellphone to call them and to top it off it was in spanish, mind you I speak spanish but I never deal with personal matters in spanish. The next day they call my home and leave a message. I called them back as it all seemed to be fishy to me. The person who answered the call refused to tell me what type of business or company it is and what do they exactly do. The man said the only way they can help me is if I give them the telephone number they left a message on to know what my call is regarding. I was transfered to a Maria Lopez and she refused to tell me what the call was regarding or what they are about. All she kept saying is if I was who I am and I said yes and she wanted to verify my information, however I kept insisting to know what the call was in regards to. She refused to tell me and I told her fine don't help and tell me because I'm not dumb to give you my personal information over the phone (social security and date of birth) when I do not know what the call is in regards to or you refusing to tell me what type of company you are. She was very rude and defensive.


24. April 2011, 17:51

First, I have a problem with ANYONE who feels the need to get on here and call those in default "loosers" by the way, it's "losers" not "Loosers" Apparently the reason you don't have to worry about student loans is because you flunked out.
Second, I know several people who have made good on their payment on student loans and then fell behind due to very big and personal hardships. When dealing with their original guarantor they ran out of forbearance and hardship opportunities. It happens, it can only be done so many times. It was then sent off to Windham Professionals. I was there with their families as they explained to Windham their hardships and offered the very little they could afford. They were rude and did not care. So when I hear peoplel say that these people are at fault for their debt, I get angry. I know these people are few, but some people are legitamately doing everything they can to keep up with their payment and loans. And it is THOSE people that I feel sorry for when they are professional and an adult and deal with it head on and are treated so unprofessionally. No one likes to be harassed. I find it difficult to stand by and watch the people who do work hard and do answer their phones and set up payments still be harassed. Believe what you want, but it happens. I've seen it first hand.


27. April 2011, 06:48

I received a called yesterday by the name of Nancy she seemed to very nice. I have been sick and just received a diagnosis of cancer. I am suppose to be on leave but i snuck and returned to work cuz i wasnt eligible for disability. So I asked the manager if we could set up payments for the 1st of July when I got paid becuz my leave has been without pay.I never debated out the debt. I got this lady named Sherry she was so degrading and nasty she told me I better go get a payday loan or beg borrow or steal to get the money.She wouldnt give me the supervisor number she said she ran the company Lies!! I asked her if she would stop talking to me like that and she said no I need to hear about myself and I am terrible person and a loser



11. May 2011, 02:28

All you people who are defending these collection agancies with coments like "you wouldn't be dealing with them if you paid" & you signed a paper. YOU ARE IDIOTS...LOL you make me laugh! you guys can't pretend to know my situation and make an asumption judgement. do you know what those to words mean? cause you sound very uneducated. I worked for a collection agency(IRONIC) - another big word,
before I went to school. agents that do this for a living are 9 times out of ten very un educated. Prime example: the person that called be was very nice(that was her angle) but kept saying stuff like,"I'm gonna AXE you a question" LOL HAHAHA that is funny....!!! They can have my TAX returns and if they garnish my wages, they Garnish my wages. then and only then will I start working something out.

San Antonio, TX  

28. May 2011, 14:58

well.. let me tell you something.. i work for collection agency as well and if you worked for a collections agency you would know you need to have a high school diploma and there is alot to deal with collections.. and sorry no offense you people dont realize how much stuff we have to deal with.. making completly sure we cover our behinds not to get sued... please understand we all have a job in the world and yes i pick it but yet someone has to do it..


3. June 2011, 14:29

I was assigned the telephone number of a guy who these assholes were trying to contact. I have nothing to do with this piker but they keep calling insisting that I know who he is. They hassle my wife, call at all hours, and wake up my kids. They keep saying that they will remove my number from his file, and did again today - so I am looking forward to talking to them again soon!

Al MacNeil  

11. June 2011, 18:35

Got a call from Windham regarding a student loan. It is in forbearance for Total and Permanent Disability Discharge and is now in the hands of the Dept of Ed. I asked for something in writing regarding the loan. They refused to send anything to me regarding the loan. I told them I had taken care of this with the original servicer. They claimed it was a different loan and that the servicer doesn't deal with the same loan. Offered to send paperwork proving what I have. They refused. They told me a different amount for the loan. Claimed I'm not educated about my loans. I told them I have every promissary note and have kept track of everything I owe.Argued with me until i started crying. Since they won't allow me to send anything how do I prove to them that I am correct?! The reps are very rude and change their story multiple times during the conversation.
topeka, KS


12. June 2011, 07:01

Just to put it out there....

A)They do NOT own your loan. Sallie Mae does.

B)You can offer payments of $50 bucks, but they
can NOT take that as a monthly agreed payment because Sallie Mae has restrictions depending on how old, and how much the loan is.

50,000 dollar loan
13% Interest accruing daily.
and you are in a hard place offering $50 or even $25 a month is not going to be accepted by Sallie Mae (not Windham) you can always send in any payment you wish towards your loan...keep in mind its not a "Voluntary Payment agreement" and so your file could move anywhere (because they dont own it) and also keep in mind in most cases they are required to try to set payments up so you are paying towards the Balance and not just paying towards interest or less than....they really are there to help.

C)Attitudes? haha ok lets talk about that.
If you were making hundreds of calls a day....
most of the time just leaving voice mails, you talk to 4 or 5 people that owe on a loan (1-5 years old in most cases) and out of those 4 or 5 people 1 or 2 will even be willing to pay, then the person on the phone gets upset because life is not going how you planned and you have no money for whatever reason and they are offering you a settlement of thousands less after you stated you cant pay the balance in full (Duh) then you say you cant even do that and then they offer you a "rehab" or "high monthly" and you want to choke them threw the phone. Seems fair if they get upset and ill tell you why.

They know.

According to the agreement YOU made with Sallie Mae the BALANCE and NOTHING else is due, so even to get a call from Windham is a olive branch.

They can see your credit, and they are really just building a file of assets and job verification to return to the loan owner Sallie Mae.

and lastly.

D)They do not make ANY commission on collecting your money. Windham is a 3rd party collections.
They do NOT own your loan you signed your name and in some cases a co-signers name promising to pay the money you RECEIVED back in a set period of time.

However a little bird told me its defiantly not minimum wage. Smile

P.s. If you talk to them they will talk to you.
If you dont talk to them because you are scared of your own responsibilities then they will call...over...and over...and over until they reach you. If you dont set something up...they will call until you do or they send your file back to the owner Sallie Mae for them to proceed as they see fit.

Yes some collectors are rude it comes with the job but they dont stay long. I have been in collections before and would be nice and try to educate. Seemed to work for me.

TIP:If they are calling you and you dont know the person they are calling for its simple.
"Sorry you have the wrong number i dont know who that is, please remove my number" done...and done.
(now if you do know the person take a message because you are only hurting the borrower) no contact will have the file sent to Sallie Mae faster and im sure you would much rather work with them right?

Just some insight for ya.

-Former Bill Collector

Funny Stuff...  

7. July 2011, 05:31

I just wanted to know.Can a debt collector come to the work place?The calls are unnerving and now they have gone a step ahead and sent an abusive person to my office, threatened that we were going down.I told him that the next time he barges in, he's gotta take prior permission.I called them the next day and told them not to make any contact at my office. I spoke to a Gregory Weiz at Windham and he said he would send notices to my employees and take action. I'm in a good posItion and people like this coming to the place I work.I do not want to let this go.I have just contacted the attorney in the state of Florida.TRY ONE MORE TIME WINDHAM.

Troy Cooper  

9. July 2011, 15:25

I entered into an agreement with Windham for the repayment of my student loan.
It was agreed upon that I would pay the amount in part payments in half a year.My payment amount was to increase after this time, and they gave me the exact calculation.I found it fair enough as told,
Now, I've completed my due only to find out that they took partial payment and the company that I actually owe hasn't received any money.
The problem is I was naive enough to give them access to my checking account, and I should have canceled it long ago.I,ran around,did eveything I could to pay my debts.Anyway, I'm not giving anybody a penny now.
They threatened to garnish my wages when I told them the same. That is the only thing I'm concerned about.They would be violating the FDCPA, wouldn't they?

Any Advice?  

15. July 2011, 04:49

No they would not be violating the FDCPA, and it's not Windham that garnishes you it is the client they work for. And if it is a student loan that client is well within thier legal rights to do so. Also when you pay a collection agency for a debt the money is applied to your balance, but since the account is being work by the agency the payments only show up on the agencies records not the clients, because that agency is hired to work that account. You should call them back to aviod garnishment, because once it starts it is VERY hard to get out of.


15. July 2011, 21:18

Hi, Just asking.How come the wage garnishment is by the client, but the payment shows up with or on the agency records?That is contradicting.


16. July 2011, 20:36

Because the client places the account with the agency and that is where the records are. But the client still owns the debt and they have the legal right to garnish.


17. July 2011, 12:45

I love all this positive feed back! I JUST started getting calls from these people and already they are contacting other people to try and get to me! I'm not completely sure why they are calling cuz I'm already making payment on my loans and haven't missed a payment since making my arrangements. Reading that they are rude and make threats is very comforting. At least I have their number stores in my phone I know now not to answer. They want money I'm already giving to the state. And to people who comment with things such as, "you shouldn't have defaulted in the first place" you don't know everyone's situation. Good for you, you were able to stay on top of it and get it taken care of. Yes the government is, lol "nice enough" to offer the ability for people to afford to continue their education, but no company has the right to harass you, under any circumstances. So don't pass judgement on people when you have no idea what cards life has dealt them.


18. July 2011, 05:48

Reply to G-
If the client owns the debt, then the payment, goes to the client, and ONLY he would have the right to take action. Similarly, if the collection agency owns the debt, they can take the action. Acc to 15 USC 1692f, a debt collector cannot give out misleading information or undue threats which pertain to a violation under the FDCPA(unfair practices).


18. July 2011, 06:05

Yeah, I got calls recently too....I was searching to find if its a legit agency or a scam only to find this!hahaha no more rude calls round the clock. Ask me why.
a. I dont owe a debt in the first place.Already payed in full.
b. I'm just a minute away from blocking their numbers.
c. If they call from other numbers?oh I've thought of that too.I'll talk in chinese Laughing


26. July 2011, 07:05

The names gotta change. They are windham unprofessional inc. I called to make a payment on an account. I was asking if I could mail it.The rude guy I was talking to had the nerve to tell me not to waste my time.They were charging me a collection fee apart from the interest!!Is that even legal?I told them no such thing, he says he'll see me in court.He did a lot of round abouts on my personal information.When I refused, it was mostly"we have ways of finding it out"I'm totally in doubt about the company now.What a ripoff. I wish something be done.If a class action suit is in order, I'll be happy to help.


29. July 2011, 10:50

If what I'm seeing is true then this a total ripoff!!!I got a call from 877-682-4843.I was transferred to somebody who I'm pretty sure used a fake name.She wouldn't tell me how much I owed, but kept insisting on verifying the last four digits of my SS number, was yelling at glass breaking pitch when I refused.Please BEWARE of them.I'm a recent college graduate and they could have retrieved my information.The twist in the tale is I didn't even take out a federal student loan.SCAM SCAM!!

Vince D  

1. August 2011, 00:02

Windham Professionals is now impersonating FBI officers.

I got a call from an "FBI agent" investigating "insert name" who works for my friend. They were fishing for contact information for my friend, of which I am under NO obligation to give.

They said they were an FBI agent, and if I didn't give them what they wanted, they would be sending an agent to come talk to me.

My friend is now filing suit for violation of the FDCPA.


2. August 2011, 17:47

They are obviously violating the FDCPA by impersonating FBI.
I thought I had to look up a lot if anybody was having trouble with them like me and if I could complain. It took me 10 seconds to find out what they are.They say I owe money to a university I never attended or took out a student loan.I calmly explained as much as I could.It spiraled into 14 calls a day.You bet these jarheads think they are smart and sneaky, telling me they were attorneys.He told me "better pay your damn bills and let me do my damn job".Interestingly enough, I recorded two calls, which completely defines what yelling, abusing & threatening is.
Windham Professionals, Inc.
380 Main Street
Salem, NH 03079
Corporate Toll-free Number: (800) 969-0059
Corporate Fax: (603) 890-3554
I'm planning to constantly call their number, just talk gibberish and jam their phone lines.

Keith ------  

4. August 2011, 21:11

There is this thing called a contract, promisory note! This is what you signed when you wanted money to go to college! A Promisory note outlines the penalties for defaulting. If you get a loan to go to school you repay that loan otherwise you get to pay the default fees. YOU Signed it. I suggest you use the internet to research your debts and the laws that protect these guarantors who give out the money. Orrrrr you could just dig your head deeper in the sand and ignore it, until your taxes are taken or your wages are garnished.

You can foreclose on a home, repo a vehicle, but how on earth can they take back your knowledge?


4. August 2011, 21:15

National Student Loan Directory
Funny thing it actually tells you where your loans are, and how much you owe!


7. August 2011, 13:01

Shows how ignorant you are.What about all those people who did not take a loan?Who have payed back?You would know how obnoxious they are if you talk to them.They use deception even on those who never owed a debt.
Harassment redefined=Windham.

Alex Henderson  

9. August 2011, 06:49

I too have had issues with this organization as they call my phone 20-30 times a day and leave nasty messages in my voice mail. However, I have now built a conditional call forwarding on my phone so that when they call it automatically forwards the call back into their phone system (Winham's 800 number) which I know is giving them fits. LOL

So basically the more they call the more they tie up their own phone system. I would suggest anyone having problems with them do the same. Enough people and they would crash their own system and further, their bottom line as they would no longer be productive.


9. August 2011, 13:19

No one would call you in the first place if you payed your debts.


11. August 2011, 20:22

Helloo Collector. Do you now if he owes a debt in the "first place"? or are you speaking to everybody in general here?If you are I would suggest you take a hike.
People are having a problem because of the unfair means used.The scare tactics, threatening, yelling, deception and so forth.There are cases where they got people who don't owe nothing to pay up.
Spying on forums like these would do no good.May be you can learn a little on how miserable people get dealing with them. When you owe "your" debt, I really hope Windham calls you.

Wilson Adams P  

15. August 2011, 18:17

Jennifer from this company calls me all day long, despite knowing that i ride the bus two hours each day to get to a part time job. My loans were supposed to be in deferrment and the company put me in default and sold the loan twice, doubling the balance. Jennifer is a LIAR. She called my in laws who didn't even know me when i was in school. She called my sister and left a voicemail lying and saying I had listed my sister as a job reference. Then she called two of my neighbors and told them i was a deadbeat who didn't pay her bills
so i call her and call her on her lying ass behavior and she immediately transfers me to Darryl Walker who is also a liar and tried to get me to say i earned $6800 A MONTH. Seriously, if i earned that type of money would i request a forebearance due to earning a wage that ts me BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL?? So i tried to set up monthly pmts of $50--more than i cld afford and they turned it down. So now they are garnishing my 16 hour a week check and getting LESS THAN WHAT I OFFERED. And to all the Wyndah employees, you are bottom feeders who earn a living on the hardships of others. You too are one paycheck away from being in the same position as we are. It can happen to you too. Oh, and Wanda: YOU'RE A BITCH TOO. Hope all your parents are proud of you bottom feeders.


18. August 2011, 06:27

You guys, I found this after a look up online,

Consumers can register on-line for the national do-not-call registry. To register by telephone, consumers may call 1-888-382-1222: for TTY call 1-866-290-4236. You must call from the phone number you wish to register

You can file a complaint by telephone to 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY, by fax to 1-866-418-0232, via our electronic complaint form, or mail. For the FCC to process your complaint you must either fill in the electronic form completely or otherwise indicate:

* your name and address;
* the home phone number where you received the solicitation;
* identification of the individual or company whose products or services were being advertised or sold, and any phone numbers included in the call;
* a description of the call;
* any phone number provided to allow you to “opt-out” of future calls;
* whether you or anyone else in your household gave the caller express prior permission to call;
* whether you have an EBR with the caller (specifically, whether you or anyone else in your household made any purchases of property, goods, or services from the company that called, or made any inquiry or filed an application with the company prior to receiving the call).

If mailing a complaint, send it to:

Federal Communications Commission
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554

Double Annoyed!  

21. August 2011, 11:20

The do-not-call registry is not applicable for debt collectors. By law, they are allowed to call consumers for collection-EVEN IF YOU REGISTER, since the do not call list only stops telemarketers and not collection agencies.

When you signed up for a credit card or loan, you most likely gave permission for the bank to use a third-party collector to collect any delinquent debt from you. So, ultimately, you gave permission for the collectors to call you to collect the debt from you and signing up for the national do not call list won't stop calls from debt collectors.


21. August 2011, 18:40

Thank you, all you folks saying I need to repay my debt. I'm actually attempting to do that. I don't deserve to be harassed and yelled at by these nasty people. When these guys call my wife at work, that's crossing a line. When I told them I just had to take my dog to the emergency vet and they tell me to let her die because paying them is more important, that's crossing a line.

It's not about not paying my debt. It's about how these whack-jobs are rude, insulting, and harassing. I made a payment in August. After they took out that payment, they attempted to take out another larger one that overdrew my account. I contacted my bank for an unauthorized withdrawal. I contacted an attorney for a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act and they notified Windham to cease contact with me; everything they did had to go through the attorneys. The next month, they attempted *again* to withdraw $750 - after I had already made my monthly payment. After another unauthorized withdrawal form with my bank, the attorney assigned to my case has worked on a settlement. My loan is now going back to the original lender. I will still be paying my loan back, but without the awful harassment from these horrible people. We spoke with the original lenders, and they told us that as long as you are making any payment at all, they can't garnish your wages. When I sent in the next payment as a money order along with a letter that stated they were not authorized to access my checking account, they called me again and screamed at me, asking what the hell I thought I was doing. Directly after that, they attempted to withdraw $750 automatically. I had never signed their necessary form to be able to automatically withdraw anything anyway.

My advice? Look up the Fair Debt Collection Act. Keep a written record of all the calls, including who you are speaking to, date and time. When they call you, take a picture of the caller ID. Keep any voicemails. Above all, DO NOT give them any checking account information!

Wait wait, don't tell me  

23. August 2011, 06:19

I have defaulted school loans that were turned over to Windham. I called Windham and was sold a three payment plan that would have me out of default in three months. Three weeks later I was called by a different representative trying to get me consolidate with them. I didn't understand anything she was telling me and called the Dept. of Education who answered all my questions. BOTTOM LINE: Windham worked on me for the consolidation because there fees would be assessed. If you consolidate with Direct Loans, they pay the loan off and Windham's fee's are not paid.

Erin Dragoo  

28. August 2011, 23:53

Everyone I'd say pay the company you owe debts directly and not people like Windham atleast check with them if they'd genuinely allow you to pay. Guys at Windham need to get checked for anger management problems. Yeah.It does seem to make them feel better if they scream in incoherent gibberish. They are calling to collect debt from a distant relative who has already made a settlement and is paying her bank. No they want her to pay them instead.Good thing she outright refused to give her banking info judging from other experiences here. She changed her number so Im the target now. Oh hale I dont care.Im good at bullying too.


29. August 2011, 18:51

I owe over 200k for private student loans. Windham took over the account when I defaulted. I admit that I made all the wrong choices in life. I went to a school that I was not able to afford and took out Sallie Mae loans with cosigners (both my parents and my brother-in-law). I currently work full-time making $2,400 p/month after taxes but when you factor in my $1,000 p/month Windham obligation every month that does not leave enough for other things such as my car insurance ($300 p/month), gas (300 p/month), food (300 p/month), and other incidentals.

I live in one of the 5 boroughs of NYC but my job is located in Long Island which is an hour drive each way. Im 26 years old and cannot afford to move out of my parents house due to decisions I made when I was 17 years old. My girlfriend of over 5 years just left me because even she saw how hopeless my situation is. Cant blame her, she wanted a marriage and family, how can I provide that with my situation? I wouldve just been holding her back anyway.

One of the most depressing things about the situation of owning 200K plus in student loans is not so much the balance I owe but the fact that I have doomed my co-signers as collateral damage to my failures in life. My brother-in-law signed off on roughly 18k worth of the loans. He holds a security clearance for the federal government that cannot allow him to be in default. Windham offered to give him a co-signers release if I can come up with 12k but how can I possibly do this??? My parents are on the hook for over 100k as cosigners. Theyre both approaching 60 years old and having problems with their day-to-day expenses aswell, now theyre burdened with my student loans aswell.

My life feels like im treading water in the middle of the ocean waiting for someone to save me. But what will most likely happen is that I will get to a point where I can no longer swim and drown. That would be fine with me except for the fact that I will be drowning my own family aswell because they loved me and decided to cosign on these loans.

Everyday I make that payment to Windham (which does not even cover the accrued monthly interest) I look back at my decisions when I was young and dumb and ponder . . . what if. What if I ignored my HS guidance counselor and not attend a college I was not able to afford? What if I didnt change my major 2 times? What if my family could see past their blind love for me and not sign off as cosigners? What if I never went to college at all?

I have been wanting to commit suicide for over a year now because of my student loan balance. The irony is that my student loans are keeping me alive. If I kill myself my co-signers will be left to pay off my debt and I cannot leave my parents with an insurmountable debt they cannot afford to cover. I took out a life insurance policy hoping that I will get killed sometime soon as my families only hope of clearing this cancer I have bestowed upon them. Everyday I wish some drunk slammed into my car on the highway or some thug randomly shoots me dead, anything for that policy to kick in and release my family from this debt.

I accept my failures in life and I am willing to meet my maker at a young age. Just please dont burden my family when I pass. That's all I want.. . leave my family alone.

To the rest of you guys struggling with your own student loan crisis. I sincerely hope everything works out so that you may get to enjoy your lives and start families. Family is most important and I hope you all cherish every moment you have with them. In my situation, family is the only thing keeping me alive . . . whether I want to live or not.

God bless you all and good luck . . .

waiting for a miracle  

30. August 2011, 01:11

Hey guy,whoever you are..get out of the doomsday mode..whats up with the "im a failure" lines? U want to end your life cos you have debts?Not fair..Have you tried all the channels available?Debt settlement companies/attorneys/debt management etc etc.,?

Theres no problem so big that a suicide is the answer..200k's a big amount but you do have a family to help and rely on..what about all those who dont?So what if the debt is huge?You ARE earning arent you?Do you know there are people disabled who owe debts?The economy is so bad right now and you have a job that gets you $2400!!You are responsible enough to recognize the mistakes so try to amend them for better..Work out a way, ask an attorney for advice..Have there been any FDCPA violations?There are many who the review it for free..You'll sometimes be surprised with the results..

I actually came over to vent over my own problems..They are calling me for a debt I already payed for..way back in 2009..Anyway the thing is if nothing else works a few years..a few years will get you through the tough phase..establish a monthly budget..think well do you need all the things that you are spending on?Things that you can cut down on?Small or big anything can help.. why wait for a miracle to happen?start up..and finish it..Give these numbnuts something to freak about..Once again let go of the failure tag..Your family cosigned the what?Can anyone reading this help me out with this?


30. August 2011, 01:35

I realize my answer is not exactly what one hopes for.I'd rather give a no-answer.But just still one word:BANKRUPTCY.Check if you are eligible for filing it. Not to worsen the situation, but sometimes it can be a due option to start afresh and make no debts. Dont go by this.Ask a lawyer.

Sarah Wayne  

30. August 2011, 01:56

chapter 7 reads:
In order to file under chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code a debtor must meet certain requirements.

1. A debtor must reside or have a domicile in the United States; and
2. A debtor must be an individual. Which simply means you cannot be a corporation, partnership or some other entity; and
3. A debtor must also have income that exceeds their monthly expenses. The reason for this element is to ensure creditors and other interested parties of the debtor’s ability to stick to the payment plan; and
4. A debtor that owes on the date of filing of the petition, non contingent, liquidated, unsecured debts of less than $307,675 and non contingent, liquidated, secured debts of less than $922,975. These two figures will change from time to time based on current inflation standards.

Sarah Wayne  

5. September 2011, 09:12



7. September 2011, 18:25

lol scams... yes collection agencies drraw out names then somehow they match up your school and your ssn and all yoru prom ntoes. its a clever trick collectors can do, creat fake but real accounts. cmon. gtf off your ass. put your loans in defermnt or forb. your have three years of it. ohh wait you wouldnt know because your a professional debtor, who moves from place to place. changes their numbers over and over. put phones in others names even your kids.. now that fkn low... then on top of it when you do man up to pay you then dont like the terms. did anyone sit back to think. hmm its been 3 years since i went to that school and i havent paid at all...hmmm why do i owe more then i borrowed... geee genius have you heard of intrest ohh and penalities clearly listed ont hat prom note. but wiat you where to excited to see that hot college guy / girl walking by to read the document. listen not my fault you didnt get that dream job lord knows im not and i owe 55k in loans i graduated in 2001 and havent mad e apyament yet. and im not defaulted. how you say.. gee open your mail answer your phone and utilize defrmnt and forb. for those who whine more, listen its like owing the IRS. tell them you dont wanna pay penalties , tell them they cant garnish you see how that works out.. dont LIKE IT MOVE TO A THIRD WOURLD COUNTRY...


8. September 2011, 21:33

BAAH all you freaks can think of is pay up your bills.Tap your brain(which is obviously way below in the knee) and get out of your ****** towers! Owing a debt doesnt mean a debt collector gets a valid license to harass a person. There are people below the poverty lines and no jobs.There are those who dont owe debts. Collectors are NOT just doing their job. They are demeaning harassing and abusing low lives out there who call 80 year olds and kids for heavens sake!If you are so damn good with your lives and dont like to whine do us all a favour and take a hike.

No more LOL  

13. September 2011, 19:24


You can clearly tell these are people working for Windham or another agency because you can not properly form a sentence and you can't spell...which means you sir/mame have no form of education but a training class with a debt consolidation company.

How about we call you guys the professional TROLLS the ones who are working for debt collection agencies because this is the only valid job you can get. The last time I checked the majority of the people on this forum want to pay their debt. They are just tired of being a piss pool for TROLLS like the the ones here posting today.

Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone's post about Windham. I am going to pay them but not with my checking account. If you can't accept a check or a money order then you need to keep moving. I have posted this link across various websites so that everyone that is dealing with Windham or a collection company can have some good info before jumping in. Thanks again everyone and please keep your head up with whatever your going through. Things will defiantly get better very soon.


16. September 2011, 06:27

Its easier to say that when you are sitting at the other end of the line in front of the Tv eating nachos. Try collecting debt.I'd give you a month.When you lend money to someone I'm pretty much sure you'd want it back. No?

Every person is given an amount of time to repay the debt.If you are in collections that itself implies you are refusing to pay. Even after that you get a lot of time to repay.All debt collectors do is call for the money you said you'd pay in the agreement.

If anyone of your lines would be "You must work for Windham".No I dont. Just they have a valid reason to call. If you pay up you wont get calls.Simple as that.


16. September 2011, 22:23

Does anyone have any advice for entering into a payment plan with Windham? Or selling your Windham loan to another party? I noticed someone above mention College Solutions.

I defaulted on my Sallie Mae loans (25k+) and they are now sold to Windham. I have been ignoring calls for months, but I'm now ready to start paying again, and terrified about multiple hundred dollar payments and entering into a stupid plan.

I've already accepted paying these loans off for the rest of my life, but I want to clear up my credit..just a little bit. I don't want my employers knowing - or my friends!

I wish I was never a 17 year old signing up for student loans, that's for sure.


28. September 2011, 11:19

Jess, a few things I'd like to point out:

1.Determine what you can afford to pay. Before you further speak with them, prioritize your bills, review your budget and determine what you can realistically pay.

2. It's probably only in your interest to set up a payment plan with a debt collector if the debt is still fairly recent and you have enough resources to pay a significant amount of the debt. Otherwise, the damage to your credit has probably already been done and the collector is unlikely to agree anyway

3. If a debt has gone to collections, there is no obligation the collector or the agency to accept a minimal payment plan.Collectors often push debtors to take out large loans because they want an immediate commission. Don't read too much into that, it's the first thing they are motivated by: Immediate payment.

You are paying of your loans. That is really commendable. Try to take EVERY SINGLE THING in writing. I say try because a simple fact of student loans is if they are defaulted, agencies refuse to negotiate in writing.Its all done on phone. You don't want them to tell you after making payments about the interest rate etc. Before starting itself ask questions. Take them in writing, even the interest rate. There might be things they don't tell.

Terry Sway  

28. September 2011, 11:21

These are a few complaints I read from above:

"I have been dealing with Windham for several months. They are rude, do not properly note the account, they are accusatory. My student loan went into default and the guarantor never contacted me. Claimed that they did but all the mail was returned. The address they gave was my previous address. They claimed I never gave them my new address, which is incorrect, because i had correspondence from them with my new address and when I called all parties involved they all had my new address. I went round and round trying to make payment arrangements that would not put me into further debt like not pay my utilities or not eat. they want 3 payments of over $300. Hard to make when all I have left after my 1st check in the month is about $200 and the next check all goes to rent and transportation pass. Then they said 4 payments of $250. I asked for 6 they agreed to 5 payments of $186. I have had to take several payroll advances in order to feed my family. The first payment did not go through and I called they said my bank said I have no money. My bank provided documentation they entered the wrong account # and security code. They called my a liar. Now the fourth payment was scheduled for January 25th. I am still waiting for my payment to come through my bank account. When I called, they claimed there was no money in my account. Which was alie. My bank would pay even if I had insufficient funds and then charge me the NSF charge of $40. They are the biggest liars and blamers I have ever had to deal with. I am in the process of filing claim with the better business bureau in their state."

"indham called me. I made automatic payments for the $3600 they wanted. After the last payment, the money continued to come out of my account. They then said I owed $2500 - only $500 of the $3600 was credited to the principal (and getting that information took 6 months for me to get). USDE would do nothing. Not knowing any better, I paid for another 10 months of $250 each month and paid my "debt" to them off yet again. The next month, they took out two full payments. I ended up having to have my checking account closed. I wrote and called everyone I could think of.

Things quieted down for about a year then I got a statement from them saying I owed them $13,000. I was astounded. I am through paying them. I borrowed $23,000 originally and was to pay USDE almost $27,000 - a fair loan I think. I paid $24,000 to USDE, the remaining $3,000 to Windham, $600 in fees to Windham and another $3,000 to Windham for what I dont know. The agency was horrible to me and did things that were not needed. I make good money and I am fortunate in alot of ways but my credit is ruined forever. To then come back wanting another $13,000?"

No, I'm not trying to scare you nor am I telling you not to pay.Refusing might give them a chance to sue. Just saying be VERY cautious while dealing.

Terry Sway  

8. October 2011, 15:55

What bugs me is how little is required to obtain a student loan worth thousands of dollars.Most people on here wish they'd never have signed for the loan in the first place.

The monthly income is not verified, there is no credit and loans are given out to 16/17 year olds just by signing on a financial aid form.

When people do not land on jobs in their field of study its downhill. The amount we get and the loans we signed on are so inversely proportional.

In my opinion the banks and the whole system are completely loopholed. Its years of debt with no solutions around.

It needs to be thought about before ts too late.Really.

As for Windham I figure only attorneys are the right people to deal with them. Scam or not they are certainly resorting to unfair means. As someone whoz been through I would advice to educate yourselves on your rights and if required hire an attorney.Debts owed or not they cannot treat people like this.

Elmo McFraiser  

16. October 2011, 02:54

i spoke to one of them fools...i asked them to provide me w/ dates (what years the bill was for) they couldn't tell me. i asked them to give me any information they had about what i owed them and they told me i shouldn't have taken out so many loans and that i should know what loan and amount the call was regarding. they made fun of my accent because i now live in the south. they told me i didn't sound educated and that i wasted the schools time and my money. they continued to abuse me over the phone so then i stopped getting mad and got back even. i started tell the man about himself and telling him that his life must really suck for him to speak to me the way he did. i told him that only losers have his type of job and that he knows damn well he owes debt collectors also because on his salary there is no way he can stay on top of his bills. he started getting upset with me so i continued to bad mouth him back then i hung up on him...LOL! to keep him from getting me back i will send a few dollars a month and be a slow pay instead of a no pay....that way they can't garnish sh**!

A pissed off individual  

16. October 2011, 04:17

i am sure that all of the collectors on this page work at

for those of you that owe work on sending $1.00 a month and be a slow pay so they cannot garnish you.

there are ways to beat these jerks til u either come into some money with either your tax refund, an annual bonus from a job or another blessing.

Mr. Waiting for a Miracle, how dare you think your life isn't work remaining on this earth due to these stupid collectors and numerous what you owe ALOT of money...your not the only one....

pray and ask the lord to help you with the situation and he will give u the knowledge and strength to overcome u can see from this page he has put people in your life that don't even know you to help you.

stop letting SATIN and his workers like the people at Windham take you to HELL!

Lord forgive him, he does appreciate the life you gave him and needs you to help keep satin away from him.

Remember this if you don't learn anything else...keep your bible on u and open at all times and read scriptures....Satin doesn't like that...even try it when dealing with collectors and see what they do!

A pissed off individual  

20. October 2011, 13:33

WARNING!!!They are a bunch of losers who will use every method possible to gain information from you and then use it against you.
Do not give banking/finance/account information out for landsakes!
Wage garnishment, suing, if the amount is huge they resort to tactics.Always remain on guard with Windham Unprofessionals.

Been Through  

28. October 2011, 11:26

They first called a family member who owed the debt and told him that if he didn't pay up, I will stating I am a cosigner on the agreement.
First Im not a cosigner, I was a reference on my brother's whereabouts and its clearly written on the agreement.
The second thing is these people are accepting payments for a certain period of time(say 10 months) and selling the debt off to another collection agency.
Im paying them a minimal amount to keep them away from my brother.One of the collection guys even accepted that they lied about settlements and don't give anything written.Its like a feeding frenzy out there.


4. November 2011, 21:35

Very very sneaky. Trying to collect on a debt I payed long ago. Yeah.

They also told me Im going to "regret" not cooperating with them. Screw them.

Chased by Windham  

10. November 2011, 21:22

I went to a school in NY. Took student loans and have been paying the loans through an individual bank set up by them not the school. The payments do not start until the end of the next year. For the next semester I did not sign up for any classes but the school did it for me. I never handed in any kind of registration papers nor did I sign anything at all. Im sure they know that. I actually had a grant and scholarship that covered it. Now, the calls have started and this whole ordeal is screwing my credit and job opportunities. I don't owe Windham and hounding me for money is really annoying. The whole situation is very overwhelming. I have my paperwork in place.I dont trust them and plan to contact an attorney.


20. November 2011, 05:34

Just a tip, if you tell them never to call you then they must stop calling you! You need to request contact by mail only and they can never call you again. It's the law, check it out

"Stopping debt collection contacts

You can request that the collector stop contacting you. You should do this by writing a letter to the debt collection agency in addition to telling them over the telephone. Be sure to keep a copy of the letter for your own records. When the debt collection agency receives the letter, they should not contact you again except to tell you if they are going to take specific action concerning the debt."

Gil Hooley  

21. November 2011, 11:51

You all do realize that if you try to deal with the original creditor, they will send you to Windham. If its not Windham, it'll be some other agency as long as you owe. Why dont you find a means to pay it off rather than cribbing about it and calling it harassment. Of course they will garnish your wages and take your taxes--. Its you who took the loans. Get a life. Pay up.


26. November 2011, 19:06

Really? No FYI we did not realize that. Gee, you don't work for Windham do you?


10. December 2011, 12:43

Windham called telling me they were trying to keep my account from going into default. They wanted me to give my checking account and bank account number. Yeah like anyone in their right mind would?Gave me wrong information about my account. I checked with the original creditor. Have a year to pay. Dont give them any personal information.


17. December 2011, 08:15

I understand where everyone is coming from... I have been dealing with this company for the past 6 months. At first they called me at my employment every couple days. I told them 3 times not to call me while I was at work. They continued to call. Everyone that I talked to was rude and would not work with me within my budget. They told me I had to pay 400 a month no matter what my expenses were. I even called the direct loan servicing center tried to request to have my student loans transferred to another agency but they told me that they could not because it was contracted onlky to them so there were no options. I am now making the payments and thankfully the person I set them up with was not a rude person like the first few people I talked to. I am just so frustrated with this process and the lack of understanding of life circumstances. I was unable to repay my loan do to becoming unemployed and death of my child and it was a hardship that now I am struggling to make up for. I jsut think they need to work with people more to help not harm them.



21. December 2011, 09:59

The informed consumer is the debt collector's worst enemy.

A few Q&A that might help:
Can a debt collector contact me any time or any place?
No. A debt collector may not contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night, unless you agree to it. And collectors may not contact you at work if they’re told (orally or in writing) that you’re not allowed to get calls there.
How can I stop a debt collector from contacting me?
If a collector contacts you about a debt, you may want to talk to them at least once to see if you can resolve the matter – even if you don’t think you owe the debt, can’t repay it immediately, or think that the collector is contacting you by mistake. If you decide after contacting the debt collector that you don’t want the collector to contact you again, tell the collector – in writing – to stop contacting you. Here’s how to do that:
Make a copy of your letter. Send the original by certified mail, and pay for a “return receipt” so you’ll be able to document what the collector received. Once the collector receives your letter, they may not contact you again, with two exceptions: a collector can contact you to tell you there will be no further contact or to let you know that they or the creditor intend to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit. Sending such a letter to a debt collector you owe money to does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact. The creditor or the debt collector still can sue you to collect the debt.

Can a debt collector contact anyone else about my debt?
If an attorney is representing you about the debt, the debt collector must contact the attorney, rather than you. If you don’t have an attorney, a collector may contact other people – but only to find out your address, your home phone number, and where you work. Collectors usually are prohibited from contacting third parties more than once. Other than to obtain this location information about you, a debt collector generally is not permitted to discuss your debt with anyone other than you, your spouse, or your attorney.

What does the debt collector have to tell me about the debt?
Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money.

Can a debt collector keep contacting me if I don’t think I owe any money?
If you send the debt collector a letter stating that you don’t owe any or all of the money, or asking for verification of the debt, that collector must stop contacting you. You have to send that letter within 30 days after you receive the validation notice. But a collector can begin contacting you again if it sends you written verification of the debt, like a copy of a bill for the amount you owe.

What practices are off limits for debt collectors?
Harassment. Debt collectors may not harass, oppress, or abuse you or any third parties they contact. For example, they may not:
use threats of violence or harm;
publish a list of names of people who refuse to pay their debts (but they can give this information to the credit reporting companies);
use obscene or profane language; or
repeatedly use the phone to annoy someone.

False statements. Debt collectors may not lie when they are trying to collect a debt. For example, they may not:
falsely claim that they are attorneys or government representatives;
falsely claim that you have committed a crime;
falsely represent that they operate or work for a credit reporting company;
misrepresent the amount you owe;
indicate that papers they send you are legal forms if they aren’t; or
indicate that papers they send to you aren’t legal forms if they are.


21. December 2011, 10:02

Debt collectors also are prohibited from saying that:
you will be arrested if you don’t pay your debt;
they’ll seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages unless they are permitted by law to take the action and intend to do so; or
legal action will be taken against you, if doing so would be illegal or if they don’t intend to take the action.

Debt collectors may not:
give false credit information about you to anyone, including a credit reporting company;
send you anything that looks like an official document from a court or government agency if it isn’t; or
use a false company name.

Unfair practices. Debt collectors may not engage in unfair practices when they try to collect a debt. For example, they may not:
try to collect any interest, fee, or other charge on top of the amount you owe unless the contract that created your debt – or your state law – allows the charge;
deposit a post-dated check early;
take or threaten to take your property unless it can be done legally; or
contact you by postcard.

Can I control which debts my payments apply to?
Yes. If a debt collector is trying to collect more than one debt from you, the collector must apply any payment you make to the debt you select. Equally important, a debt collector may not apply a payment to a debt you don’t think you owe.

Can a debt collector garnish my bank account or my wages?
If you don’t pay a debt, a creditor or its debt collector generally can sue you to collect. If they win, the court will enter a judgment against you. The judgment states the amount of money you owe, and allows the creditor or collector to get a garnishment order against you, directing a third party, like your bank, to turn over funds from your account to pay the debt.
Wage garnishment happens when your employer withholds part of your compensation to pay your debts. Your wages usually can be garnished only as the result of a court order. Don’t ignore a lawsuit summons. If you do, you lose the opportunity to fight a wage garnishment.
Do I have any recourse if I think a debt collector has violated the law?
You have the right to sue a collector in a state or federal court within one year from the date the law was violated. If you win, the judge can require the collector to pay you for any damages you can prove you suffered because of the illegal collection practices, like lost wages and medical bills. The judge can require the debt collector to pay you up to $1,000, even if you can’t prove that you suffered actual damages. You also can be reimbursed for your attorney’s fees and court costs. A group of people also may sue a debt collector as part of a class action lawsuit and recover money for damages up to $500,000, or one percent of the collector’s net worth, whichever amount is lower. Even if a debt collector violates the FDCPA in trying to collect a debt, the debt does not go away if you owe it.
What should I do if a debt collector sues me?
If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you to collect a debt, respond to the lawsuit, either personally or through your lawyer, by the date specified in the court papers to preserve your rights.


26. December 2011, 09:00

Windham has started calling my mother over a debt they say I owe but has yet to send me anything in writing and when I try to call them they do not answer their phones. What's up? You want money from me answer my questions and show me something in writing if you can not do this do not bother me or my family. Is that too much to ask?


27. December 2011, 21:41

The problem with all of these comments us that you all seem to be forgetting that you owe thevm federal government money. You borrowed it for your education and now haven't cared about it for over 6 months. Did you think it was free? And BTW. You are not customers, your are debtors. Big difference. We don't owe you the courtesy ofa phone call before we varnish your wages but we give it anyway. You should be thanking the collection agents instead of complaining. And its your responsibility to update your address for your loans.

Jennifer Taylor  

27. December 2011, 21:47

And don't believe anything you read here. You can pay a dollar a month if you want, they will still garnish, take your taxes, and litigate against you. This is not a credit card people. It's a government backed debt. You actually have to pay these back. So tired of the lazy ass mentality of people like yall. You just don't wanna pay back the money you borrowed. Your not entitled to anything. I hope you all,get garnished.

Jennifer Taylor  

3. January 2012, 07:23

You people that are on here saying that people aren't paying their debt because they DON'T WANT TO...are just STUPID!!!

Jennifer Taylor...really you hope we all get garnished?? You MUST work for them because you sound just like the people who call!! Just STUPID!!

If any of you judgmental people read ANY one of these statements almost no one is denying that they owe the debt. THEY JUST CANNOT PAY IT RIGHT NOW!!

We all know that it doesn't even take a high school diploma to call people and talk s$#t!!

I called them on my own because I have never gotten a call or a piece of mail from them and by the end of the conversation I had been transfered 6 times and they never state that they are transferring you all I know is 5 seconds later there is someone else asking if they could help me. Finally getting to someone who told me my options, of which none of them were financially friendly, I told her how much I could make and she says hold on and next thing I know I'm on the phone with a so called supervisor. This lady tells me that this is their final offer and that they were contacting ME because of my debt. First of all I called them concerning my debt. Then the lady tells me that since I can't make the payment the THEY WANT that she would just note that I was not cooperating with them. How So!! Next thing she did was hang up the phone.

How stupid and rude! You don't have to talk rude to them for them to talk rude to you. That is what they are taught to do. They are taught that everyone that is in debt is a liar and that they don't want to pay their debt back.

For all of you that are agreeing with this ragedy so called professional company can all go to H@L#!!


3. January 2012, 07:29

Oh Jennifer Taylor does work for them...!!

We don't owe you the courtesy of a phone call....







3. January 2012, 14:58

hi, im wondering after u get on default will they automatically garnish your tax return? how does that they have to inform you of that before or they just do it...thank you for any information.


3. January 2012, 15:01

can i have any information regarding tax return garnishment?how soon after default will they garnish and will they let me know before or just go on with the process??


4. January 2012, 01:08

Liz they can garnish a tax return through a court order. If they obtain a court judgment, that is the judgment will freeze the bank account concerned and prevent the person from withdrawing any money. Funds deposited in the account, such as income tax refund, are frozen and diverted to the collection agency/creditor. If you are served papers and did not respond to them, then they can have a default judgment against you. So always respond. Ask for a debt validation, anything. Sometimes they dont even send summons and declare that a garnishment is due or even falsely threaten that the wages or returns will be garnished, which is an FDCPA violation. You'd be better off consulting an attorney who would give better advice.


9. January 2012, 23:14

These people are evil. NEVER PAY THEM.


10. January 2012, 23:46

Windham professionals are extremely untrustworthy, unreliable, and down right nasty! I hope these comments fall on the right eyes because something needs to be done. I used the last of my hard earned money as a single mother to complete the "rehabilitation" program, which I did, and this year, Windham still tried to have my federal taxes offset! I was told that once I completed the program that I would be granted a 6 month deferment, my loan would eventually come out of default, and I would no longer have to worry about my taxes being offset.....Well, they obviously dont leave good notes on the account because now Iam dealing with the Dept of ED to get my hard earned and well deserved Federal taxes back! This is all sad and extremely frustrating. Its safe to say that I fell on hard times but who isnt given the nature of the current economy. Iam trying my best to do what I can but fair is fair and wrong is wrong. Windham will not treat me like the scum of the earth.


13. January 2012, 05:12

Well guy this collection agency just took all of my tax refund check and they are still taking 15% off my wages....leaving me with 643.00 a month can you believe that....


17. January 2012, 02:59

These people are carzy as hell. The make threats and TRY to make you make payments that are impossible.. Iam filing bank ruptcy today so I can free myself from them.


20. January 2012, 10:50

First of all , you CAN NOT bankrupt on federal guaranteed student loans !

For all you who's income tax was taken to offset your loan default, keep good records of the amounts, dates, etc.
They took my stimulus checks a few years ago to offset amounts owed to student loans. They never credited my student loan balances for the stimulus checks they took !
They lie, they being Windham Collections.

Get everything in writing !! No deal in writing , no payments. Send your debt validation demands by certified mail , return receipt.

NEVER, I repeat NEVER give them any financila information such as your bank name, account number's, etc. Never agree to payments auto deducted from your account !! NEVER !

They will take whatever they want from your account running it overdrawn.

You been warned how this and other collection agencies operate. THEY LIE !!


24. January 2012, 15:39

I was grateful for the HESC Rehabilitation Program and Windham Professionals were always amazing, considerate, offered assistance and tips and reminders well above and beyond what I needed. I had to make late payments a few times, but as long as I called they were wonderful. They processed my paperwork to financial aid and other institutions quickly and efficiently. I know a lot of us cannot even think about coming up with those payments, but be grateful they are offering a second chance. I can now go back to school and finish my Masters in Teaching.


25. January 2012, 23:03

Windham proffessional is a joke,they said they will garnish my SSI payments.I called social security office,they say it's impossible for them to take the only resourses i have.Unless i had a job, they will garnish your wages,i will get a lawyer so they wont harrass me, they lied saying they will take a third of my check,or all.Shows to prove you cant trust this world if they are going to take your money.I will have this student loan straighten out another way not by windham!no!So Windham why did youlle lie to me I will get back the money youlle stole out of my bank way or another!!!Betty


3. February 2012, 16:27

Hey all u stupid ppl out there tht r backining these a**holes, u keep running u mouths abojt oh how ppl shld jst pay their bills. Well if ppl cld afford to pay them they wld. So shut the eff up!!!


4. February 2012, 00:05

Can this unethical company Hard Pull my credit report?


4. February 2012, 00:06

Just found out they hard pulled my credit report. It's showing as some fake company by the name of National Collegiate
11 Red Roof Ln Salem, NH (603)8904034


12. February 2012, 13:44

I had a $500 bill sent to Windham Professionals from Liberty Univerity online, I answered one call from them and told them I couldn't pay until I got my tax return back, The person was respectful and said he would call back then. I called Liberty and I did indeed have this outstanding balance that I had forgotten about. I didn't receive any more calls from them until tax season...I ignored the calls and When I had the money I called them and paid the bill. Again the person I spoke with was professional. I see the above note about them not receiving payment in, so I got a conf# and asked the to e-mail me a conformation and he gave me his full name and x number so I can call him directly if there are any issues. I will let you know if there are any. But I would have to say I didn't have a problem with this debt agnecy.


17. March 2012, 02:59

I am being harrased by this Winham company. They are calling me at all hours of the day and night. Calling my relatives and friends and being rude. They called me at work and were rude to my associates, then called back and threatened me. I can not believe this type of behavior is allowed. I might owe money , but I do not deserve to be harrased. Have they never heard the phrase "You get more flies with honey then vinegar". I mean honestly if I had the money I would be paying them, I cant give them what I dont have!


18. March 2012, 14:02

I am one of the victim for the harassment of Windham Professionals for the past debt that is not mine. They continue calling from multiple variations of numbers.


3. April 2012, 16:08

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8. June 2012, 22:33

A very corrupt situation: sallie mae hassling poor borrowers and wrongy putting them into default and then Wynd---ham poking fun at them. What they do is harass and exploit any and every one they can, including your employer your landlord and your family. One of my relatives has a terminal illness. One of their lewd minority males and females began calling her and threatened to seize the home of our elderly parents and then told her that she would have to be in a hospital bed dying before they would accept terminal illness as a reason to not pay back her student loans. God has the lowest place in black burning hellfire for every single one of them that work there and participate in that, regardless of race. Many times they are not actual owners of the loans, they are simply trying to harass and intimidate people into giving employment and financial information so that they can steal from them. AT LEAST 12 FEDERAL LAWSUITS HAVE BEEN FILED AGAINST THE WICKED-HAM UNPROFESSIONALS. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THE CREEPS AND PESTS.

Ruth Johnson  

8. June 2012, 22:40

THAT IS THE SCAM -- SALLIE MAE WRONGLY PUTTING PEOPLE INTO DEFAULT AND THEN WYND--HAM POKING FUN AT AND HARASSING AND INTIMIDATING EVERY ONE THEY CAN FOR FINANCIAL AND EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION. They have even told members of a debtor's family that they CAN call a debtor at work, that the workplace has to make an exception for them. What is really entertaining is how their lewd predatory males and females are allowed to practice law without a license and how unethical and thuggish they get - and how they threaten every unethical maneuver they can. AT LEAST 12 FEDERAL LAWSUITS AGAINST THE WICKED--HAM UNPROFESSIONALS. They are the people of Pharoah, Cain and Balaam, and they are workers of iniquity. Remember that most of them that work there probably owe more to the government for past due child support and welfare fraud than any of the poor people they are trying to collect from. Give 'em a little of what they think is power or information and they will abuse it every time.

Ruth Johnson  

11. July 2012, 04:15


Collection agencies CAN NOT make a profit on the student loan you have defaulted in. IF they are Staff or Unstaff Loans call HESC and ask for the Principal balance, interest, and collection cost and compare that to what Windham is stating you owe. Windham tried to bill me a 19K collection fee on a 36K student loan. WHICH IS ILLEGAL!!! They are given a fee by HESC and that is part of the finalized collection fee which is imposed. JUST SPEAK WITH DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION to know your rights. AGAIN IT IS ILLEGAL FOR COLLECTION AGENCIES TO MAKE A PROFIT OFF OF YOUR STUDENT LOAN.


22. July 2012, 23:07

I have a student loan that is over 10 years old. I was paying on it for 5 years. I was diagnosed with MS and have been unable to work for 5 years. I am a single mom and the only income I have is child support which all goes to my son's needs. I understand I owe the money, and when I tried to send in payments that were below the $250 a month, I was considered to be in default. I was told I had to pay the full amount and no lower amount was going to bring me out of default. I recently got a call from these people and the guy I spoke with was very nice. He said I qualified for a hardship program to rehabilitate my credit with payments of only $5 per month. I said, I could do that. So he went on to tell me I had to give him my bank account number so they could automatically take it out each month. I said I would rather send in a check or money order and that I was not giving that info over the phone, he put his "supervisor" on the phone who was a raging b****!! She started screaming at me, treating to garnish my wages. I said "I don't have any wages, which is why I can't pay, so you can try" and Hung up. Now I have been getting calls several times every day demanding that I give them my bank account information. After reading all of these posts, I am glad I didn't, and I never will!!


22. July 2012, 23:56

And BTW, I found 85 lawsuits against them, and those were just the ones I found.


23. July 2012, 02:45

I've been out of college for 5 years now. I paid off a majority of my loans. I still have 2 loans that I am currently paying through Direct Loans. I received many calls from these scum bags. I called Direct Loans and asked if they sold my loans since I had missed a payment while I was in the hospital. They said no. I signed on to the national loan data base to double check I did pay off the others and I did. When Windham scumbags called again I hit them with this info and the lady told me I was a liar and continued to bash me! I have contacted a lawyer and am getting to the bottom of this scam. DO NOT DO BUISNESS with these people!


18. August 2012, 07:36

This design is spectacular! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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30. September 2012, 18:30



8. November 2012, 21:13

They dont a good job for me!


boyfriend is distant  

5. December 2012, 03:01

I have worked with Windham for nearly a year and they have been great. They were extremely polite and explained my options to me. I was very upset that there werent many options but sadly when you fail to pay your bills, your right to help (such as lower monthly payments) becomes limited. I dont blame Windham for not taking my small payment offer, if I wanted to pay 50$ a month I should have made my payments before default. I attemped a payment arrangement but things didnt work out financially and I didnt meet my obligation. They began to call again and I kindly asked the gentleman who had been handling my account to stop calling until after the new year and I would pay the loan off with my tax return. He agreed and I havent had another call. Having been over 100k in debt for several years I have dealt with all sorts of truly terrible agencies (some who told me I didnt deserve to be a mother because I was just going to ruin my daughters life) and I will have to say Windham has been one of the best, you just have to give a little and be polite and understand that once you stopped paying your bills there were going to be consequences. I saw it when reading reviews before applying for a credit card to rebuild my credit, people complain that they stopped paying their bills and were turned into collections, or there were fees or their payment went up. This is life when you mess up your finances, dont punish the person on the other end of the phone for your choices unless they have been completely unprovoked and are being rude (and rude isnt asking you to pay your bills by the way)then give em hell kid!


26. February 2013, 06:32

2 days ago, I filled out an application for credit (knowing that my history is sooooo bad that I will never be approved). Today, I get a call from Windham's 877-682-4842 number. They leave no message. Seconds later, they call a message cell phone number that I listed on the application; still not leaving a message. I realize that this may be the automated phone dialing the numbers, but a human entered these numbers in the database! Ironically, my loan was discharged in September 2012. So Windham .... update your database or deal with my lawyer if you mess with my Social Security benefits!!


7. March 2013, 07:17

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Omer Ursiak  

15. March 2013, 01:35

if I ever find an employee at Windham named Matt on the street...I'm fucking him up!


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2. July 2013, 10:01

Windham has left messages on my voicemail at work. I contacted the national loan student data just to make sure this company was not gonna screw me if I called them back. They told me that my loan was sent to collection directly to this agency. The messages they are leaving are already threatening and too much. Threats of ganish already filed with my employer, etc. when there is no such contact to my employer. what can I do? To talk to them and rectify my debt.. Any pointers..


17. September 2013, 01:37

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